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Focus on Features and Working Principle of PE Jaw Crusher

Time: 2015-04-07

Jaw crusher is a traditional crushing machine and also the earliest one. It is composed to two jaw plates like those of animals. It can also be called jaw crusher machine and stone jaw crusher. According to the model size, jaw crushers can be divided into primary jaw crusher, medium jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher. 
Features of PE Jaw Crusher:
1. Spacer dumping-mouth adjusting device which is reliable and convenient, what's more, it has wide adjusting range which increases the flexibility of equipment.
2. Jaw crusher owns safe and reliable lubricating system, and it is easy to change parts, moreover, it features as small amount of working for machine attention.
3. More energy conservation: stand-alone can save energy by and system's energy conservation can be more than twice.
4. High crushing ratio and uniform grain size, simple structure but reliable performance, easy maintenance and economical operation.
5. We use the superior manganese steel casting to make the main part, especially the perishable parts.
6. Jaw crusher sets a deep cavity and no death zone which improve the capacity of input.
7. Big adjusting rang of output which can satisfy various users' demands.
Working Principle of PEJaw Crusher
When jaw crusher is working, the motor drives both belts and belt rollers, and makes the jaw up and down move through the eccentric shaft. The angle contained by toggle plate and moving jaw plate becomes bigger when moving jaw rises, and consequently pushing the moving jaw plate to move towards the fixed jaw plate. Meanwhile, the materials will be extruded, twisted and crushed in this Jaw crusher. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes smaller when moving jaw descends, the moving jaw plate departs from the fixed jaw plate with the force of pulling rod and spring and at the same time, the final crushed materials will be discharged from the outlet freely under jaw crusher. From the above-mentioned procedure, we can know that the jaw crusher operation is intermittent and the process of crushing and discharging materials is alternated constantly. With the motor, the moving jaw moves continuously to do cycle crushing and outputting to achieve the goal of volume production.


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