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Make Good Maintenance of Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

Time: 2015-05-07

As one of the most common mining equipment, stone jaw crusher appears earlier than other crushing machines. Featured with a series of characteristics and functions, the jaw crusher machine is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, traffic and many other fields. Generally speaking, jaw crushers fall into two kinds: single toggle jaw crusher and double toggle jaw crusher.
Single toggle jaw crusher is designed for exceptionally heavy and continuous applications. Single toggle jaw crushers are provided in heavy and light versions with welded steel housing and a moving jaw in a welded or cast steel version, as well as an eccentric shaft made of high-grade forged steel. 
Fixing bolts and nuts all. fixings adjusting wedge. fixings flywheel. When it is discovered that the the parts is faulty, should be eliminated, only in the elimination of trouble later, can start the single toggle jaw crusher machine. At the same time must also have quality oil and check the oil check bearing and circulating lubrication system, and check the lubrication system oil cup is there heavy oil sand. 
In the pressure lubrication, must connect to the pump, and oil from the oil outlet pipe in the discharge of attention when carefully check the oil into all of the bearings. Check the moving belt is good. If it is found that the belt or the belt oil transportation, should use clean cloth to wipe off the oil money. Check whether the protective device and is good. If no protective device or defective in protection device green under the ban starting single toggle jaw crusher. Check the feeding mouth have no ore or debris, if ore or debris, in must put the feeding mouth clean before starting. Professional production of various kinds of single toggle jaw crusher, crusher, rock making equipment. 


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